April 2021

The project team has made great progress since our last update in early 2021 and we are approaching the finish line of the WV AEIS! We recently posted several project deliverables to the documents page, including Chapter 1. Introduction and … Read More

January 2021

A substantial amount of progress has been made on the WV AEIS as we start off the new year. Data collection efforts for tenants, aviation-reliant businesses, and out-of-state visitors using commercial service or general aviation (GA) officially closed on December … Read More

November 2020

Although COVID-19 has limited the ability to meet in person, this did not stop the Project Team from conducting the first of two Project Advisory Committee (PAC) meetings. The PAC meeting was held virtually on September 23rd and was attended … Read More

July 2020

Despite a several month delay in the original data collection timeline due to COVID-19, the Project Team and WVAC are making great progress on the study. A webinar was recently hosted with all airport managers and their staff to introduce … Read More

May 2020

The project team is excited to announce we are well underway on the 2020 WVAEIS! The beginning of the WVAEIS was marked with a kickoff meeting in January and the project team has since progressed on tasks in preparation for … Read More