Technical Memos

Draft materials for the WV AEIS will be produced in the form of technical memos. As the study progresses, drafts of the technical memos will be posted here for review. Public comment on draft materials can be provided at any time through the Contact page.


An integral part of the WV AEIS success is the collection of data from users of West Virginia’s airports. The project team is deploying different survey instruments to gather key data from a variety of aviation users and stakeholders, including: airport managers, tenants, businesses who rely on or base aircraft at West Virginia system airports, and visitors arriving to West Virginia through the state’s commercial service and general aviation airports. Links to online versions of these surveys are provided below. If you represent one of the following stakeholders and have not received or completed a survey for the AEIS, please follow the links below to the appropriate survey. If you prefer to have a PDF of the survey sent to you instead, please contact Brittany Kimura of Kimley-Horn at or 614-472-8936.