Public involvement is an extremely important component of the WV AEIS. The project team is excited to deploy a number of different public engagement methods throughout the project. As part of the public outreach effort, this website provides updates on project progress through blog updates, links to draft documents, and a comment portal for public input.

Another component of public involvement includes the establishment of the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) comprised of members who represent a wide-range of key aviation stakeholders in West Virginia. Members of the PAC include representatives from airports, the WVAC, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), regional planning councils, various state departments, and West Virginia aviation industry leaders. The project team will engage the PAC in two in-person meetings through the duration of the project. Meeting materials, presentations, and other items from the PAC meetings will be posted on this page for the public access.

PAC Meeting Materials

As the study progresses, PAC meeting materials will be posted here for review. Public comment on meeting materials can be provided at any time through the Contact page.

PAC Meeting #1
PAC Meeting #2