April 2021

The project team has made great progress since our last update in early 2021 and we are approaching the finish line of the WV AEIS! We recently posted several project deliverables to the documents page, including Chapter 1. Introduction and Methodology and Chapter 2. The Data Collection Process, as well Appendix B. Case Studies and Appendix C. Economic Reliance of West Virginia Businesses on Aviation. We encourage you to check out these documents to learn more about the study’s methodology and data collection efforts, as well as learn firsthand about the incredibly important role aviation plays in the state, from supporting access to emergency health care, providing a pipeline of future aviation professionals, and supporting a variety of other industries across the great Mountain state.

The project team has also been working hard modeling the economic impact of aviation based on the data that was collected during the early stages of the project. An upcoming Project Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting is scheduled for late April 2021 and will give the project team an opportunity to share the final project findings with the West Virginia Aeronautics Commission (WVAC) and members of the PAC. The findings will be presented in Chapter 3. Economic Impact Findings, and once final, will be posted to the documents page. Please continue to check back often as we update the project website routinely with new information!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here.