July 2020

Airport Surveys

Despite a several month delay in the original data collection timeline due to COVID-19, the Project Team and WVAC are making great progress on the study. A webinar was recently hosted with all airport managers and their staff to introduce the study, prepare them for upcoming data collection efforts, and discuss the final deliverables they will receive at the end of the study. After the webinar, an individualized airport manager survey was sent to all airports which requested critical information that will be used to calculate components of each airport’s economic impact. The Project Team then hit the road to conduct site visits at all 24 airports included in the study, meeting with airport managers and tenants, taking precautions to protect the health and safety of all involved. The Team is now conducting follow up phone calls and emails to airport managers, tenants and reliant businesses to request participation in our data collection effort. If your business or organization relies on West Virginia’s airports, and you have not yet received a survey, please click here and complete the survey most appropriate to you. Your participation is vital to capturing an accurate picture of the scope of economic impact being generated by West Virginia’s airport system. Thank you!